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Welcome To The Music

Welcome to the music - welcome to the guitar man

Know you're gonna love it - gonna do the best we can

And to help us along - think we're gonna need us a band

Lately we been playin' - travelin' in the jets and cars

Smilin' at the people - lookin'at the rock and roll stars

I tell you carnegie hall's better than those honky tonk bars

Well if it's true what music can do

To soothe the savage beast like they say

Well just relax and lie on your backs

'cause beastly is the way we play

Now we're through talkin' - gonna speak another day

Love to play it funky - love to hear the symphony

And to star us along - larry's gonna play it in "c"

Don't touch that dial - won't you come and stay for awhile.


Welcome To The Music / Bread

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