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The Last Time

Hey, didn't you believe me when I told you I was leavin'?

Well, wait a little while and soon you will be believin'

I'm tellin' you now like I told you before

That love has got to be somethin' more

Than a pasttime, this is the last time

This is the last time that I will say goodbye

You say it doesn't mean a thing

Let's see what the future brings

In the past, I've changed my mind, but

This has got to be the last time

Well, didn't you believe it when I said you don't know how to love me?

You, you never understood that you weren't so high above me

I didn't realize 'til a moment ago

That time doesn't really go this slow

And it's past time, this is the last time


Whatcha gonna do when nights are gettin' colder, baby?

Where ya gonna go, you know you're gettin' older, baby?

Guess you're gonna have to be a little bolder, baby

Whatcha gonna do to satisfy your hunger, baby?

Oh, don't it seem that everyone's a-gettin' younger, baby?

Guess you're gonna have to find yourself another pasttime

Judgin' from the past, I know it won't be the last time



The Last Time / Bread

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