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You know I've got to leave here

If I can pull myself up to the door

You see I've tried my best to stay here

But I can't see you anymore

There's something I've just gotta tell ya

There's something keeps bringing me down, ya know

There's one thing more I've just gotta ask ya

Won't you please let me go?

If I'm to meet my master

If I'm to rule my fate

You know it couldn't come any faster, babe

But see I know it's not too late

Time has not been good for us

No time has not been kind

We've done all that we could for us

More time won't change my mind

And when my life is over

And I'm walking out in the rain

Let me lie down in the clover

And look up to the sun again

It's not that I did not love you

But something kept bringing me down, ya know

There's something that I've just gotta tell you

Once again now, baby

Let me go, let me go


LET ME GO / Bread

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