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It seems theres no meaning for what you believe

Now its all about the things you possess

So for possessions we trade in our values

And fade away into the eternal nothingness

But its all

Same old same old

Tragic phone call

Sold out and soulless

With no one but yourself to blame

But when its a selfish

Its not longer a given

Our beings not ours to decide

But poor choice for all this power

Tonight is the hour

To choose how we will be defied

So choose

Dream your visions

Conscious decisions

Well, settle for nothing

And know youre the only to blame

We can sell our cause

We can see the mounting apathy

Just maybe generation will learn

Then it happens again (x6)

Feel like no one

Nothing good will come,

But the stranger,

Only thoughts are not there

Strive to become

Unleash the ties,

Theyre numb

Im talking about my generation

Just making noise

For all the girls and boys

Its just another song for dying nations

Generational /

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