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Im over You

I had my suspicions baby

I didn't say nothing 'cause I be trippin' right

I put all my trust in you

The ears you used to kiss don't hear you anymore

*How could you be getting around me

Getting around me

Why'd you have to play me like that baby

That's all I want to know, you tell me

And why ere you getting around on me

Sleeping around on me

I would never do you like that baby

And I'm the last to know


Now everybody knows that you have a girl on the side

Now everybody knows, yeah yeah yeah

That you're not doing me right

Why'd you have to be the kind that won't love faithfully

I don't want no man with a girl on the side

You know how much I love you baby

You'll never find a girl that gives you more than me

You threw away the best of times

When you strayed away and left me lonely

'Cause I was not your one and only

Didn't I please you like you wanted

How could you be untrue and throw it all away

Repeat Chorus


There ain't gon' be no coming around my door

You can stay right where you are

Bacause you'll never get my love anymore

Repeat *

Repeat Chorus

I don't want your love, I don't need your love

I won't spend my time

Alone, alone, alone, alone I won't be alone

Im over You /

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