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So Many Ways

So many ways I can love you

You don't know just what I'd do for you

Love you tender, love you are so cool

I can't wait to get to it baby

Show you what I'm all about, yeah

Verse 1:

I turn on some music

And dim the lights

Say everything you like to hear

And do what you like

Do all the things

You don't expect me to do

You can see how many ways

I can love you

Let me count the ways


So many ways I can love you

(So many ways)

So many ways I can blow your mind

(I can blow your mind)

So many ways I can love you

(I can love you right)

So many ways

Show you a real time

Count the ways

I need somebody

I'll take to any extreme

To show you just what I mean

I doubt if you have ever been

With someone like me

'Cause all I want to do is make you happy

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Hook

Repeat Verse 1

So Many Ways /

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