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Why do you say "It's so hard to believe"

In this world, your sins you try to justify

From reality, with brutakity

We hear the gossip, we see the signs

We are so puzzled in this world

These questions in my mind unfurled

I know you are the one who'll

Find the missing pieces to my life

Breathing the air, only time will tell

Consume your thoughts, redeem your fear

Before it's too late, forgetting all the hate

Stand back, and beware of the attack

Feel the crossfire between the lies

Because you know that the devil is no friend of mine

Now you see, a room with a different view

Now you see, the prism that's alive in you

Who you see

What you breathe

What you need

All of my thoughts, all of these words

Comming directly from the bottom of my heart

When you see the light come shining through

When you see the eyes look down on you

One day you'll wake up and realize

Puzzled /

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