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Place I Call Home

Take a glimpse of the world that is turning

neighborhoods that are also battlegrounds

Gunshots are disturbing the silence

As you hear all the screams from the sirens

Won't you take me from the underground baby

Won't you take me to a place where we belong

No hatred no wars are among us

Where we can stand on one ground together

Won't you take my hand I'll take you there

To a place where the light is always on

Where all your dreams will come true

A valley of green and a sky of blue

Just hold my hand I'll take you there

To this place I call home

Grass is green and the air is clean

This place we belong

Missiles launched to disturb the silence

As you see children playing through war zones

People making their shortcuts shorter

Many starving for revolution

Does it seem how this world's gone crazy

People suffer for their own true freedom

Back to back as the power struggles

One on one as they claim the mountain

Take a walk with me away from there

Away from crime and deception

A clear mind will drive away this pollution

They violins play and the trumpets sound

The angels fly, the time is near

Let's get away want to escape

I've seen it before I've heard it again

About one man's evil master plan

Opposition, precision, a travesty is told

Divine intervention, a price to be sold

Humanity outbreaks by making their mistakes

This conflict unfolds as history goes on

9 11 2001

4 20 1999

4 29 1992

What's wrong with me

What's wrong with you

These battles we create, wars that we make

We cannot let this go to this place I call home

One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

Place I Call Home /

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