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(feat. Nas)


Uh yea, yea, yea

Let's Go Niggas [laugh]

C'mon nigga, C'mon nigga

[Chorus 2x]

I be dippin in tha twilight, wit gangstas,

Smokin weed up in my ride life

the same stuff, its still a bitch

livin like I'm rich

bang broads call me Mr. International

ghetto stars

[Verse 1]

Yo' I talk like a champion,walk like a champion,

body like a god, and I promise that Nas will hit you off,

flow like a gangsta, blum bum bum bum bum

bustin like dummies, so mami you come and lick

it off, I stay right, purple haze'd outfit stay on my ?

blood stay in my mouf, ? layed out

tequila sunrise and five 6's

surprise bitches

Nas from the trenches, hot as he survived

This is ?, here for good, Rep fo' my thugs,

plumper than last summer, stomach streched

from tha grub, good livin, good women

I fuck wit straight stallions, bowleg stances

go 'head handsome, but they all scream

my cars lean, hit up, every state,town, city

wit my braveheart team, pretty face,

round tits and ass, stay my queen,

keep a burna in tha trunk, ate all fifteen

[chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]

Yo' if you see me on mtv, don't forget

I'm tha same nigga from QB

Sittin on tha block, hungary

Twilight /

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