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blessed is the man who does prevail

doomed are the peacemakers when they fail

if hope springs eternal it never does here

i guess i lost all my hope last year

i tried to steal the moon from the sky

i am lost and lonely

i drift in space

my dreams are haunted by her face

blessed are the drifters, the stars that die

whose light expires, before goodbyes

goodbye, goodbye

binary star

you're the brightest blue by far

and up against the starry sea

i thought that you were meant for me

blessed are the meek who shall inherit

the throes of death for all their merit

the right to stumble, to fall and perish

doomed are those who hold and cherish

i tried to steal the moon from the sky

you hide behind your broken wings

your dreams are all for better things

and in the dark we climb this slope

cause the bravest thing is always hope

goodbye, goodbye

Binary /

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