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Shadow Of Def

"Yo, I'm a, I'm a crazy fresh, crazy fresh,

crazy silly fresh DJ. Bam! Cradle rock style!"

Now sit right back as I bust a rhyme

I've got the freshest beats and I'm always on time

I'm the baddest of the best, yeah,

I'm the king, word

Master of beats, and the cross-fader

I'll cut off your hand just like Darth Vader

Step to me,

and you're gonna get dissed,homeboy

Come into my crib,

Maybe we could chill

I might cap somebody,

Or kick 'em in the grill


I'm the DJ, he's the rapper

And the homeboys try to stand

I'm the DJ, he's the rapper

In the Valley of the Shadow of Def

Yo, homeboys come

And homeboys go

But I still kick the Latin lingo,

Mi espanol es no muy bueno

I'm stone cold standin'

And rhymin' on the wax

I give the old ladies heart attacks

'Cause I'm fresh and dope and I'm dissin' whack MCs

I got all my teeth capped

Chains to show my wealth

And I check myself

Before I wreck myself


Well my name is Frankie T., and I'm here to talk

About the meaning of 5 minute walk

Some say it's whack, some say it's ill

Myself, homeboy, thinks it's pretty chill

Turn off the TV, put down the phone

Go talk to J.C. and be alone

Talk to him five minutes a day

He won't wig out or give you play

He will not diss you in the end,

In fact, J.C.'s my freshest friend


Shadow Of Def /

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