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So Rich

If i had a dime for each time that i told you

And a nickel for each time that i tried to warn you

You'd be getting ready to go out and looking for something to wear

You wouldn't be all alone at home in your chair

Now a woman needs a man that she can depend on

Not just some guy who comes 'round when he wants some

If i told you once i've told you twice

Someday you'd have to pay the price

But you wouldn't listen

And now you've finally opened up your eyes and found that love has changed

Well hey now with reason

That's rich so rich

That's rich so rich

Well this is one fine way for things to have worked out

What goes around comes around oh the way things turn about

Homeboy vato loco latin love macho man

Trying to get around every able-bodied woman that you can

What's good for the goose is good for the gander

Well look who's a clown and a great pretender

You've got to start to realize there's so much more in this whole world

Than your little pinga

Think with the head between your shoulders and not the one about your belvic region

That's rich

So rich

That's rich

So rich

Blow daddy.. grease it up, grease it up, grease it up now

Na na na na na nanna na na

Brave Combo

So Rich / Brave Combo

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