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Sixteen Tons

i...........was born one morning

When the sun didn't shine

I picked up my shovel

And i walked to the mine

I loaded sixteen tons

Of number 9 coal

And the straw boss said,

"well, a bless my soul"


He loaded sixteen tons

What do you get

Another day older and deeper in debt

St. peter don't you call me

Cause i can't go,

I owe my soul to the company store

I was born one morning when it was drizzling rain

Fighting and trouble is my middle name

I was raised in a king break

By an old mother lion

Ain't no high talking woman gonna make me walk the line

**********repeat chorus**************

Some people say a man

Is made out of mud

A poor man's made outta

Muscle and blood

Muscle and blood, skin and bone

A mind that's weak

And a back's that strong

*************repeat chorus***********

Well, if you see me comin'

Better step aside

Cause a lot of men didn't

And a lot of men died

One fist of iron, the other of steel

If the right one don't get you

Then the right one will

*********repeat chorus**************

Brave Combo

Sixteen Tons / Brave Combo

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