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I'm sure you've heard of our gal julida

She has more boyfriends than sal or ida

Here is one fella who wants to tell ya

About julida, tony sing, please do

I met julida one fine september

She said the words that make me surrender

Oh my julida, oh my julida

I'm gonna marry you really i will do....yea--

Now that you've heard from one whose name is tony

Let's ask someone else who's quite lonely

Come over here now isadore, sing it sweetly

Come on now, izzie, sing it just for me

My name is isadore and i like bagels

I own a clothing store with lots of sable

She is julida, she calls me honey

But she only loves me when i've got some money

(julida's a bitch!)

Now that you've heard from tony and isadore

Let's ask someone to tell us just a little more

Come on now, percival, sing it sweetly

Come on now, percy, sing it for me

I get so mad that honestly i could press a grape

To think that julida has all those other mates

But i guess i'll give her a knife, and a chicken heart

And maybe she'll understand, i've got to be her hand

I want her hand

I want her hand


Brave Combo

Julida / Brave Combo

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