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I Think I Lost Something

I think i lost something you gave to me

But i don't remember what it was

There's an empty spot that could be filled

And i can't seem to fill it

If you tell me what i'm looking for

I'll look closer than i did before

And i'll try harder than i did before

To make the picture complete

Describe its shape and size to me

Was it something i carried around?

Was it like a book or radio?

Or was it alive and breathing?

I don't want to look like i'm foolish

But i don't want to care, either

I might be a little misguided

But i know something's gone

I wish that i could take away

This gnawing sense of loss

Boundless freedom can't erase

This trap i've drawn around me

I worry over nothing

And ignore what's really important

I know i'm a little excited

But that's just what i mean

Brave Combo

I Think I Lost Something / Brave Combo

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