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 Brave Combo Brave ComboАмериканская рок-группа

Escapist Polka

I don't think i like it here

Gonna run away

When i get to where i'm going

We'll all have fun and play

You don't know, i don't know

What it could be like

If we go, here we go

Yes my name is mike

Stop and see you will be on a little trike

Riding off to sea to shining sea

Stop and be, you'll agree

This is the...arrgghhhhh!

Escape! (yeah)

Escape! (wow)

Escape! (like?)

Escape! (& dig it)

Escape! (to the movies)

Escape! (to the car)

Forget! (what you're doin')

Forget! (who you are)

My name is mike,

I ride a trike.

Repeat verse

Brave Combo

Escapist Polka / Brave Combo

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