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Burn Slow

The night that you first touched me

You shook me from my peace, then took me from a safe place

You took me from a safe place and you stole my heart's ease

You act like a mortician, presiding at a wake

I close the lid on passion

Knowing well what's at stake

Your love consumed me wholly

At times i could not breathe

I daren't love you solely

Always felt you might leave

I offered you my soul like a humble sacrifice

You put it under a glass

Then you put it

On ice, on ice, on ice,

On ice, on ice, on ice,

On ice, on ice, on ice

And now that love has burned me

I'm waiting by the pyre

I thought my eyes were open

When i started the fire

And then to pile on insult, after the injury

You said my soul was tarnished

How you rubbed off on me!

Well now that all's been done and

We've had our last farewell

I'm burning all your letters, watching them all

Burn slow, burn slow,

Burn slow, burn slow,


Brave Combo

Burn Slow / Brave Combo

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