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A Night On Earth



Look at the moon, reflecting the sun

The sky is so pretty

The treetops are bright

And it feels like a night on earth

People are ants, we're using our time the way we use it

We try to be strong, and face another day on earth

Or going for a ride alone

It makes me wonder where we live

The houses all go racing by

And i'm in someone's yard and

The rivers and lakes

Have rivers of roads to find our country

And birds in their eggs, and men and their guns all think the same

The motel is old, but out on the street

The sign is still pretty.

It's raining around, and all around town the town's at work

The line of people waiting to pay

At the supermarket aisle

Is a colorful sight to see

But there's no hope, just clothing


Brave Combo

A Night On Earth / Brave Combo

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