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You Ready

We're gonna take you on a ride

For 2 triple O

Hang on here we go

We're gonna send you on a carousel

Smoothin' like a bad boy,

I'm not a hussler

But I'll play it if you call me that

Soft like the lotion

That I rub right on your back

[That I rub right on your back]


I feel I should sing

My eyes can't complain

When the set becomes clear of you

Just like a ride, hope on and try

Let me take you


Take you on all around like a carousel

Never gonna run away, make you go down

I'll hold you tight, I'll be with you tonight

I'll never let you fall unless I fall in love

with you


So now you took a ride, come on get in


Go around for the second time

I'm the one for you, let me show you

what I'll do

I'm gonna make your heart one two



I used to sit and worry all day

Work my job and get my pay

When my mind was goin a stray

Hopin' i could get to go play

I see ya girls lookin so fine

With the hopes of makin her mind

Baby girl just give me a sign

Tell me I'm a waste of my time

Because I wanna kick it with you,

All the things a lover could do

Ain't no lie with tellin the true

If your old i'll make you feel new

Cause girl you got me under your self

It ain't hard it's easy to tell

Like my rhyme will do you quite well

Come and take a ride on my carousel

(Chorus till fade)

Carousel /

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