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In Love With All My Love

Even though I was here in August I will never you well again

Time is priceless and being wasted and taken for granted, I should've known

Someone told me to be strong, but look at me, how can I be

Of any use to anyone? I am silent and scared and in the way

I needed you to tell me what to do but this time you were not in charge

The right thing lies within your eyes, so maybe I'll start tomorrow...

I don't want to forget you

But it's painful to remember

You told me that you want to die

But that you didn't know how

I saw you in so much pain, I had no idea how to relieve it

You were strong and I was wrong, it's so hard to see you fall

Every moment that I'm not with you is a torture more than I can bear

Every morning I wake to miss you and every night despair

I told you I would let you go

I want you to come back to me

I didn't think it would end like this

I never thought it would be you

I know it it's not my fault

I know that it's not yours either

I can't eat and I can't sleepp

No one comes over anymore...

Throwing up all day and night, I am giving up on everything

If they only knew what I've been through, they would know that it broke my heart.

In Love With All My Love /

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