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Gimme Brains

I want you to go

I want you to know that I hate you so

And all the fucken boys in the fucken bands

Just shut up and get outta my car

Nothing you know won't get you far enough the hell away from me

Oh no!

All the girls can see what you really are

So don't mind me

Now that little boy genius thinks he's a star

You think you're so cool, breaking every rule--a boy that drools!

And they all say that I knew better than this

Well hell, of course I did

Gimme brains for breakfast baby

And gimme more for lunch

Throw me a bone for dinner yeah yeah

A girl could starve on a boy like you

With nothing left to offer so that means that we're through

And yeah so that also means that we're not friends, alright?

Call call call call call

You don't know me at all

So don't try to talk about how old is Fitz and that you daddy's sick

A boy is good for nothing, can't give you things

I'm sick of nothing

And all the girls that sing along go

Gimme Brains /

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