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Brandy Never Say Never


Who would ever thought a guy

Would want a girl like me

Who would ever thought that i would fall so easily

Who would ever thought that we will finally come to

be i guess they just don't know,how much you mean

to me.

Who would ever tought that they would have some

words to say well go on anyway it's allright it's okey

Take what ever comes our way together we will stay

I got three words to say

Never say never

*verse 1*

I can't belive they stopped our happiness

By tryin' to pull us down with such a mess

Why can't they let us live just like the rest

And keep us out from all these crazy madness

Now when they talk i think it's just a shame

That all they do is sit and think my name

When all that i do is mainly

Sit and think about my baby and me

Maby they can't belive that you and me are together

That's why they should have never

Never say never

There were times when we thought that you and me

could never be together

Thats why we should have never

Never say never say never


Now there's a lot of talkin' goin' 'round

About the way you and me gettin' down

What are they jealous are they hatin' me

I guess they all have their own PhD's

I wish that they just stop sweatin' me

Stop try-na get the best of me

No matter what they say baby

Gotta move on cuz' we're gonna be happy

We didn't let the thoughts that we had

We didn't let the words that they said

Keep us from the love we now have

Never say never

Simply for me to see when

Never would been never fallin'

Now that we are together

Never say never

[never say never say never say never 8X

Brandy Never Say Never /

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