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Think Of You


all day long i think of you,

i can't even, think of things to do

wishin' all of my daydreams come true

now baby what am i to do? (whoa oooo whoa)

i think ahout yesterday,

somebody was talking to me

but i couldn't understand a word they said

not that i was trying to be rude,

but conversation couldn't make it through,

the thoughts of love i had for you.


baby your face takes up my time,

cuz i can just see your face with mine

i try to change my thoughts,

it's a waste of time, you keep my mind occupied

whoa oooo whoa


tell me what i'm to do,

when i can onlythink of you

even when i have simple things to do

like talking on the telephone

or watching t.v. when somethings on

if it ain't about you then whats the use?




fade out


Think Of You / Brandy

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