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No more sittin' at home at night

Waiting for you to come here

No more will I cry for you

I found somebody new

No more late night calls

Don’t even bother at all

When I was there for you

You took me for granted


Now he loves me

The way that I wanted you to love me

He's always thinking of me

He's nothing like you at all

I don't know why

I stayed with you for so long

I should have been gone

He's nothing like you at all


That's why I say WOW

Never felt a love so good

I look up and my world is brighter now

There's no more rainy clouds

Since love's here and

Now everyday I wear a smile

You came into my life and the clouds are gone

I only see the sun


He's here and all my hurt is gone

Every night he is loving me

I feel like I'm inside a movie

But his love is so real to me

He's here and I finally found someone

That I can call my own

Now that I'm not with you

You want me to come back


[CHORUS (two times)]


No more trouble since you came into my life

I'm so full of you

You're the reason why I am so happy lately

You and me together is like my fantasy, clearly

[CHORUS out]


Wow / Brandy

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