Hey Ive tried just about everything

Riches and fame, a lot of friends

A lot of luxuries

Underneath it all Ive always felt so incomplete

I just want someone to really love and care for me

I do all I can to make people happy

But happiness in return is something Ill never see

Dont know why Im going wrong trying to find what I need

So Im crying Lord please help me, yeah


When I gave Him my love

Heres what came back to me

He never ran with my affections

His love is guaranteed

Didnt know unconditional love

Could ever really be found

That didnt happen to somebody like me

I didnt know what I know now

Well since I found his love

I dont try to please nobody else

'Cause in him I found all Ill ever need

And he loves me just for me, Brandy

If you dont know him you should give him a chance

And hell give you the best love youve ever had

Youll love him like I do I dont have a doubt

Listen while I tell you what Im talking bout

[Repeat chorus]

Sometimes it seems as though

Life isnt really fair at all

When the ones you try to love

Dont love you back, oh

But when you found the love

That I have found from God above

It erases all the pain of your past

Trying to tell you

[Repeat chorus till end with ad-libs on last verse]

No, I didnt know, I didnt know

I didnt know, I didnt know

I didnt know, I didnt know

I didnt know, I didnt know

I didnt know, I didnt know


I KNOW NOW / Brandy