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Came A Little Closer

Came A Little Closer


(Full Moon)


I know that it's late

And maybe I shouldn't be so into you

It's just that tonight

I am so taken, I've fallen for you

When I look in your eyes I can see

A million possibilities

And I know you'll be leaving me soon

But tonight


Come a little bit closer

Let me hold you baby

I will be good for you

And we can try

To forget tomorrow

And make it last forever tonight


So if you must go

Know that I'll be missing you, wishing you closer

So let's make the most of these

Moments together, we'll never forget

And it's breaking my heart 'cause I know

That tomorrow you'll be miles away

And I catch myself wanting so much more




So if youre leaving me now

Baby I don't know how

I will ever get over you

Because you opened my eyes

To this love that's inside

Oh baby, don't ever, ever leave me

[CHORUS out]

Submitted by Alex (buffysangel@attbi.com)


Came A Little Closer / Brandy

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