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Still Life

"Still Life"

woke up slow this morning to quiet walls and a sunlight flood.

this place it seems so empty

and everything except for this wait has left me.

try not to dwell on this time.

how long can it last?

hold your breath and close your eyes.

the pain will pass.

try to rise above the distance of all that you want

and soon you'll know the why.

why and for what.

for the sake of a love like no other.

for something we've never known.

for the hope of another chance at happiness.

we forsake.

i've watched the colors fade where windows cast their shape.

the same way i have changed in the light of these dark days.

i believe in happiness and in love that never fails

but the longer i wait here the more they just seem like a fairy tale.

i need you to save me.

you seem beyond a stones throw.

helpless hands tied.

i try but this garden's overgrown on the inside.

try to rise above the distance of all that i want and remember the why.

why and for what

Still Life /

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