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Little Rounder

i understand you need your time.

to ask for answers.

well i need mine to look for reasons to cross the country.

and as for answers i'm coming up empty.

i'm leaving this all behind me.

another bridge burning.

just like last time.

re-entered the atmosphere with you.

we're burning up and smoking.

we'll crash into the sea and wait to be saved.

and watch the moon till daybreak.

try. try little rounder.

fly high.

i took my eyes from yours.

now i'm sinking toward the ocean floor.

the wake of other wayward sons are crashing over broken shoulders.

every time i close my eyes i'm drowning.

screaming blue green dream.

i'm spinning again.

i'll start at the end.

over and over til i just cave in.

try. try little rounder.

fly high.

why. why little rounder.

die. die little rounder

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