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With Friends Like You

sometimes i wake up with a smile.

it's been forever since i have had a turn.

it's always you or someone else.

and i won't fake it anymore.

i'll spend the next three hours driving in my car.

to think of ways to say i'm happy when you're gone.

to say i'm better off alone.

on the drive back home.

i listened to you talk.

but didn't care.

i knew exactly what you'd say before you said a thing.

the time we spend together always ends up the same way.

and if this is how i feel then i'll just say it like i mean.

i'm sorry that i came.

it's over today.

and nothing that you say now will make this worth saving.

how long did you think i'd stay.

it hurts me to see you this way.

i'm sorry.

i came here to tell you it's over.

always trying to wage a war.

don't you smile anymore.

talking ourselves dizzy gets us nowhere.

we'll see how we feel later on and come back with our armor on.

and see if saying nothing gets us somewhere.

and when it's all over and done.

i'll blame you.

every time i wonder why.

i'll blame you.

now that it's all said and it's done.

i blame you.

i don't know just what it is.

i fell asleep and woke up with the peace of mind

to tell you that it's over

With Friends Like You /

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