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it's hard to see the sun sometimes through these eyes.

it's hard to see the truth sometimes looking through these eyes.

but yet i try.

windowsill world of mine.

maybe sometime i'll get up and go outside.

leap of faith.

i could close my eyes and jump.

the hope of someday is safer and it doesn't hurt as much.

i stand at the edge of the world and i cry.

the rain beating down on my face

as i try to swallow my fear of failing again.

and wait for the clouds to break for the sun.

do you remember the time when you said

you could see the worry in my eyes.

you don't know how hard i've tried to let it go.

let it all subside.

things seem so different when i look into your eyes.

it all seems so simple when i look in from the outside.

everything seems fine.

you know me better than i know myself.

and i trust you more than i trust anyone else.

but promises broken are promises made.

at least from what i've seen it all fades away

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