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Anything And Everything

i can tell by the sound of your voice.

that you probably slept in your clothes again.

and haven't left the house all day.

you're writing in your diary about how things just never seem to work out.

and this time came closer than ever before.

to you falling on your sword.

but tomorrow is another day.

chin up kid.

never say die.

and don't let them see you cry.

slow down.

stop your hurrying and sing with me.

calm down.

stop your worrying and sing with me.

and finally it comes to pass.

like water in a broken glass.

you cut yourself to save the spill.

ignore the pain and drink your fill.

don't leave tonight without saying goodbye.

we'll be home soon.

i'll be thinking of you all the time.

and if you miss me close your eyes and sing with me.

we can be anything we want together.

everything we ever wanted for each other.

because it's us against the world

Anything And Everything /

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