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The Snowbird Song

Bill Carmichael/Jonathon Brandmeier)

There's a trailer in the middle of the street

Equipped with toilet, man it's really neat

A man gets out, shuffles his feet away

In the road he spots a dime

He'll stop and pick it up everytime

He gets run down

He's bck in town

He's a snowbird



There's a car with a snowbird drving

He's out for his daily drive

So move on

There's a car with a snowbird driving

So just stay inside

If you want to stay alive

He goes to Smitty's once or twice a week

The snowbird picture's looking really bleak

There's more of them moving here every day

He spends his cash, so I'm told

He tells me that someday we'll all be old

And then to boot he wears a leisure suit

He's a snowbird


There's a car right across the street

A compass on his dash, it can't be beat

A man gets in and heads for his Sunday buffet

Yeah, yeah, yeah

He's in the left lane trying to turn right

His vision's blurred, his bowlow tie's too tight

Why your home's aluminum!

You turquoise scum!

You're a snowbird!




The Snowbird Song /

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