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What the Fuck

Lord Jamar]

Once again it's the dread and the bald head

Won't be satisfied til the devil's I see em all dead

Layin in a mass grave, for the past slaves they were stayin

Do you think a nigga forgot? Matter fact

my trigger's hot, you blink you gettin shot

And if the weather's hot, your body's gonna stink when it rot

Lord J got the arms, Sadat got the bombs

We don't feel shit, you cried a hit on ya moms

Now leave the bloody bitch in a ditch

Get'cha pretty penny if the mother of my enemy

My brother's sendin me four bursts from down south

And for the lies you told, I'ma buck you in the mouth

Now what the fuck's this all about?

[Sadat X]

Everybody gotta weapon

Who's gonna let burst the first shot? Hmm, I thought not

Feel the battle, tell Darryl that his first-born is dead

Shot in the back by the task force

I'm mistakin your face in a similar face

Got em murdered

much like how the buffalo is herded by the pale face

who threw some game on the Indian, who got jerked for New York

You better walk, got caught then wear your vest

We might throw somethin that's hollow

Brand Nubian ain't never been the ones, to follow nobody

We gotta lotta arms but I like to pump the shotty

Hook: (x3)

Now what the fuck's this all about?

[Lord Jamar]

It's all about brothers risin up, wisin up

Sizin up a situation, but gettin fit within the nation

No deviation, a straight pathways down my wrath

I sing sounds of math on behalf

of the Gods and the Earths, birthplace in space

You be fuckin with my turf when you be fuckin with my race

Now face, your maker and take your last breath

The time is half past death

now what the fuck's this all about?

[Sadat X]

If you're less than a man, in my eyes

then your head's off, and I'ma set off the wheels

Motherfuck the baby seals or savin the whales

All the crack sells, it's the armageddon

............... so cancel the wettin

Go in the garage, find that old camouflage

blend in like a mirage and explode

Take nothin lightly, crackers shootin nightly

Cos I don't need nobody that's gon' shoot me in the back

Black people show 'n' act and when they front, that's wack

Hook (x6

What the Fuck /

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