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Wake Up

The attribute Haji helper to another god in need

He Allah God Islam

As I proceed to civilize the uncivilized

Word to wisdom from the groove to the wise

I guess I'm like the verbalizer for the fact I'm moving blackwards

This asiatic black man is a dog spelled backwards

The maker, the owner, the cream of the planet Earth

Father of civilization, God of the universe

Manifesting thought with my infinite styles

Making sure this travels only 23 million miles

The other six I set the crucifix

Cause the heart of the problem is this:

Preacher got my aunt to put money in the pan

For the rest of the week now I'm eating out of soup cans

He has a home, drives a Caddy through town

Has my old earth believing that he's coming from the ground (Jesus)

Slain were those who fought for what was right

Slayed are those who fell victim to the bite

Of drugs, controlled substances contained in a vial

Set up by the devil as he looks and he smiles

Good at the game of tricknology

But I have knowledge of myself you're not fooling me

You see, the answer to me is black unity

Unification to help our bad situation

I wrote this on the day of wisdom power

All being born to myself

I won't diss the next brother to be paid that's not my trade

It's just the planet is designed by the colored man

Now our babies are born to think this is the way of us (way of us)

That's the way the devil wants it so it is no fuss (it is no fuss)

It's just that sad old song self-destruction

To stop our reproduction

And put our wisdom before us (murderer)

That makes it wisdom knowledge (murderer)

So we need knowledge wisdom to bring forth the understanding (murderer)

Culture freedom (murderer)

Power refinement (murderer)

Equality god build destroy born za cipher (muderer)

(Can a devil fool a Muslim?)

No, not nowaday bro

(Do you mean to say the devil fooled us 400 years ago?)

Lack of self or traitors mating interpretations (??)

Saying did we receive more gold for our labor in this nation

Did we receive more gold?


It's time to drop the bomb and make the devil pay the piper

True indeed God true indeed hajj (lack of self) x2

True indeed God true indeed

Wake up wake up wake up (Come on)

Wake up wake up wake up (I want you to listen to me)

Wake up wake up wake up (Come on now)

Wake up wake up wake up (Bust it)

The solution: knowledge of self to better ourself

Cause I know myself that we can live much better than this

Nothing's changed, it's just another sequel

The devil's still causing trouble amongst the righteous people

Drugs in our community (That ain't right)

Can't even get a job (That ain't right)

Poisoning our babies (That ain't right)

Lying who is God (That ain't right)

Now here's some food for thought

Many fought for the sport

And the black man still comes up short

It's time to motiviate, build and elevate

Blind deaf and dumb we've got to change their mindstate

So I dip dip dive-a

Civilize a 85er

Gotta let him know the devil's a conniver

This is the plan from the brotherman

From the motherland now it's time to take a stand

I keep to striving to do my duty to awaken

To the universal family I say a salaam alakum

(Reggae chatter)


Now I've gotta give a shout to my Brand Nubian brothers

Lord Jamar, God Allah

Derrick X is on the flex

Alamo is good to go

Sincere, the god is in here

Move on black man move on

We gotta move on black man move on x3


Now I gotta give a shout out to the SD 50's

Putting this in effect

I'm gonna say like this before I motivate

Please educate Allah's children with equality

Wake Up /

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