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GPM] Hit her, I mean let's hit this

[??1] That's not straight

[??2] Do it God, ya bwoy let's do it now seen?

Let's pull it bwoy

[Grand Puba Maxwell]

Aiyyo, check this out

Brand Nubian gettin ready to swing this ep'

We got the Grand Puba, we got Derek X on the flex

We got, Lord Jamar, we got Alamo with the A, Ron Stud!

And my man Ep Rock

X, kick the flavor for me on this one

Cause we gettin ready to be out of here in a, sec

[Derek X/Sadat X]

Wild, New York raw as my voicebox soars I'll

open your pores cause it's one of my chores

Kickin beats to boggle rhythms, cuttin rhymes to a schism

People often wonder and ask..

Is I'm the best? Surely you jest, I'm not down with the rest

In fact.. they failed the test

It's my vernacular that's simply spectacular

My bite is in your neck it's the effect, of Dracula

Man on a mission, go to school with low tuition

Can't even keep account, of the G's I be kissin

But oh I beg your pardon, the race, is startin

The criminals is there and I'm the hardest of the hard

And it's a feet for you to meet me on any given day

The adjective - AMAZING, spelled with an 'A'

and a 'G' on the end, by usin, my pen

Set forth on a journey for the, perfect blend

Rhymin was a fad in the days of my dad

Now MC's is makin G's and goin for bad

The X in my name makes it, all official

Am I the King? Well that's the so-called issue

Rollin off the tongue was the fresh one-liner

And CB talker was the zero one-niner

Took a slight drop from the tip of the top

Now I'm out for mines and I'm goin to clock

What's mine on the line on a rhyme I will dine

Never ate the pig can't deal with the swine

Keep on, yes my word is bond

Speakin that knowledge like Farrakhan

Cause it's ragtime!

[Grand Puba Maxwell]

Ah yeah it's ragged, let's do it!

Aight now we got Lord J

Lord J, yo c'mon now

Kick, the flavor, to this

Drop it like this (I'ma swing it like this)

[Lord Jamar]

I like to drop bass, cause when it hits, I bounce em

I do this with my seven and my one half ounces of brain

which I contain, to manifest thought

The record is bought so I figure I ought to elaborate

(Might as well) as minds in turn collaborate

I speak the facts black, I don't exaggerate

I just get to the bare essential

Demandin that I talk, of my credentials, cause yo

I never slept, my mind was in the right place

Now let's take our steps and retrace

back to a time, when black was defined

as Original, God-like, Supreme Divine

Refined is my mind that's why I'm buildin

There was a void in New York but now it's filled in

by the Lord J, don't forget the A-M-A

to the R, now say I'm a Star (You a Star, J!)

Well you can be one too

Now here's all you got to do (whatcha gotta do?)

You got to know Knowledge of Self's the foundation

Know wisdom's the way to let it outcome

Understanding is the manifestation

And cutural freedom, the final turnout, cause it's ragtime

[Grand Puba Maxwell]

That's definitely ragtime

Now let me brag mine! Let me brag mine

Hit this in the 90's

Hey yo, bust it (here I go here I go here I go)

As I, stand as a pharoah and beat up on Eliza

Trick ends on my friends, cause Puba's not a miser

Last longer than a Duracell, or a Energizer

I got a little older but a whole lot wiser

When it comes to shootin ? I'm a damn good shooter

MC Grand Puba should be worshipped like a buddha

I boogies to the rhythm, kicks all the flavortism

Damn I gets busy, though makin rhyme I gets bizm

Always help another meaning sister or a brother

Just a little tip I picked up, from my mother

Smooth as Ali Baba once I week I see the barber

So honey pucker up cause I'm a DAMN good slobber

Mr. Exquisite, dressed in silk, Bally's made of lizard

So honey, what is it? (What is it?)

I rock a rhyme at a wedding, next tour I'm probably heading

You wanna beat like this? Check the stack of Otis Redding

I'm hurtin like a blister, confusin like Twister

Not a only child, four brothers and one sister

Not a rinky-dinky never snackin on a Twinkie

When it comes to flexin I can bend like a Slinkie

So here comes the champ, to civilize a tramp

When brothers try to play me, that's when the Pub' gets amped

So smile - here comes the picture - click!

A humble type brother so don't play me as a vic'

I can relate to the Good Times, the Cosby's on the sometimes

Go ? on a Sunday then it's back at work on Monday

Take my gear to the cleaners, buy pants or a Beamer

Then I'm out, bangin crackheads, I can do without

(Definitely, why not Puba? Why why why?) Cause it's ragtime

* ad libs to outro

Ragtime /

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