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Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down Remix

featuring Diamond D


Step up, step up and catch a bad one...

[Sadat X]

A lot of kids is wondering, or hoping that I fell

You are here to talk and I'm here to fucking walk

Let me ask a little something, I let my track record float

Niggas want to play me, and say I go broke

But dig it, the way I figure it's one less man

It's more cash in my hand

[Lord Jamar]

Yeah, you know what I'm saying? Give it here, baby

You know what I'm saying, mo' money, mo' motherfucking money

[Sadat X]

Well uh King's bridge, do you got a man?

I'm asking you the question, don't try to front

Cause if he's asking for a present he can get one

I won't hesitate, rather be first than late

Hoe there's your man now, yo he'd better chill

See I had to lick him, why'd I do it?

Shit you knew it, money fucked around and blew it

John Wayne couldn't even stand the reign of the Tec

Do I get respect on the mic, wreck

My name is X of the Nubian breed

Got one seed but I don't chill, let the wax proceed

Step up, step up and catch a bad one

Punks jump up to get beat down! (Repeat 2x)


Well it's the kid boy wonder, straight from the under

Ground with the Nubians, so engineer cue me and I wreck shit

Pick up the loot and it's on to the next skit

Beat down a punk and I'm out through the exit

So baby get into a thing

Cause Diamond is dope, there's no need to mope

I make jams that slam but I'm not souped up

If I'm not with a stunt then I'm home couped up

Making hits from pieces and bits

Niggas still talk shit, but I pop 'em like a zit

Straight from the Bronx with the kids from the Now Rule

Together on the joint was a definite power move

Yeah, so yo kid feel the funk

Diamond is out and beating down all punks

So step up, if you want to keep your rep up

I don't have to smoke a blunt to get pepped up

Punks jump up to get beat down!

Step up, step up and catch a bad one (Repeat 2x)

[Lord Jamar]

Well punk motherfuckers try to flex on the G-O-D

But like I said yo the Gods must be crazy

So it don't phase me or my gat

Just put up your thangs and then we start to slang joints

Scoring points like a Genesis

Everybody down with my crew are fucking menaces

To society, cause society failed to embrace the black male variety

So that's why we're so damn hostile

Beat a motherfucker down like he was a stepchild

Break him up in the ribs with the knuckles of brass

Take off my belt and then I buckle your ass

You say you've never ran but we'll have you running fast

Lord Jamal is quick to blast when

Punks jump up to get beat down!

Step up, step up and catch a bad one (Repeat 2x

Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down Remix /

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