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Im Black And Im Proud

Intro: Grand Puba

Uhh, uh huh, yeah, yeah, yeah

Uh huh, come on, check it out, check it out, what?

Brand Nubian "I'm black and I'm proud"

Uh, like that, like that, what? "Say it loud" "I'm black and I'm


Come on, come on, come on, come on "Say it loud"

Verse One: Sadat X

We made men in this world, digging for bones

The untraceable ones come with no clones

100 years from now y'all can still get this bomb

on the Brand Nubian dot com

My name should be mentioned with the Portier, not the Gualtier

although it smell good, I still get mad at Rosewood

A Nubian card member since that faithful December

In the 80 years, from tears to cheers, things we did should be listed

in a

pyramid, studied by a little kid

Talked about by old jacks with slacks

Can I move the black is my first and foremost

Can I get a little land for me and mine?

Grow vegetables, maybe make a little wine

Build with the Gods and the bright sunshine

Before we save others we gotta save our own kind

Chorus: *variations with Jamar and Puba's shoutouts*

"I'm black and I'm proud" "Say it loud" "I'm black and I'm proud"

"Say it loud" "I'm black and I'm proud" "Say it loud" "I'm black and

I'm proud"

"Say it loud"

Verse Two: Lord Jamar

Now did you know it was you who was first to walk the Earth

Gave birth to the Universe, uh

Afflicted with the curse of the slave

Predicted to inherit the earth in the last days

Now as we take you home, what we make our own

It's written in stone like Commandments

Read them every now and then or when you get the chance

Catch a glance through the power lens, see if you could see us advance

G-O-D in the dance, reporting freelance

Fought for a chance, got you hanging by the seat of your pants

Our immediate stance when we came to the game

was completely advanced so no one sounds the same

7 and one-half ounces of brain

When we around make sure you bow down to the king

Brand Nubian style is how we do our thing

So if you feel good, real good

scream it out loud if you black and you proud


Verse Three: Grand Puba

Feel me now, check my style

A brother's resume run longer than the Nile

Justice cipher born to teach man, woman and child

in the land of the lost where my people went foul

Do the knowledge, black, look at the way that we act

Smoking crack or each other with the gat

The only race of people who kill self like that

I deal with actual facts to keep my mind on track

I love y'all that's why I say these things

Watch me transform chickenheads to queens

Rhymes full of protein like rice and beans

Brand Nubian cats here to change all that

The maker, the owner, the cream of the Earth

Proud to be black because the black man's first

My flow frequency is at a million megahertz

So when I spit my verbals I'm heard around the Universe (Yeah, yeah,


So don't front, say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud


Im Black And Im Proud /

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