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Intro: Grand Puba

Brand Nubian baby, here to flip it again

And you know it don't stop until the party ends

So get your hands up high, if you feel me reply

Cos you know these brothers here we keep it extra tight

Verse One: Lord Jamar

Look, listen and observe, it took precision to connect

The words of dialect within a rhythm you never heard

Forbidden fruit, take a bite, you could lose your life

like how they crucified Christ Musa's hair was white

Lord Jamar, Sadat X and Puba's here tonight

We got next on the court, I don't know what you thought

This flow can't be bought, only sold in exchange

for platinum ang gold, you've been told, open up the manifold

Only to reveal scrolls and scrolls

Premeditated to be dedicated to lost souls

Properly educated, never sloppily operated

Playing the beats for all my people incarcerated

We stay in the streets and find new ways to eat

Crime wave, I remember wetting my feet

in my blind days, now these niggas getting they heat

from under they seat, I wonder when the guns'll deplete

Chorus: Grand Puba

Brand Nubian brothers here to flip it again

And you know we don't stop until your party ends

So get your hands up high, if you feel me reply

Cos you know these brothers here, we keep it extra tight

The Foundation, as we hitcha with a Brand Nu creation

New millennium we don't mess around

Do the knowledge as we blaze the situation, so just feel me now

Verse Two: Sadat X

I'm in a rush, who got the keys to my truck?

Who am I? I just might be a spy

I drop a tear at the sight of the blue NY

I'm a threat just like Garnette

Pick a player out my set like Marbury

Serve me sherry with a cherry

I always eat what you think

I ain't got no shoes on my feet, I'm from down the street, huh

Now cats ride around New York with the slick hot rods

Some late model usually pushing full throttle

Hanging illegal U's and staying with the gleaming shoes

Riding one deep but back to back to back

Fuck a buzz, it's gonna happen just because

Sure I was with her was, but I don't know what she does

Big dimes hit me everytime like it's a crime

My prime will steadily climb

Yeah, I can't release nothing to y'all before it's time


Verse Three: Grand Puba

Now my verbal illustration graphic more than Playstation

Microphone occupation operation save the nation

Black crusader, persuader, educator

Knowledge detonator none greater

Leave haters stuck like a project elevator

Always jammin it airtight like a laminate

You can't contaminate it

Go-getters we be superb like Justin's catfish fritters

Now I got 2000 flows, only 4 less than all of my hoes (*Hey!*)

Oops I mean my bro's but I'm just keeping y'all on your toes

Excitement for your enlightenment, spitting novels, getting bravos

Tear it up like El Nino, keeping it hotter than jalapenos

Microphone holder doing more damage than rolling boulders

Rhyme style should've fooled ya, knocked your head right off your


See my intention, black-on-black prevention, break the tension

Teach the seeds, tell them what they need and then collect my pension

Brand Nubian, baby, born more flows than a test tube valve

Your radio ain't really on if Brand Nubian ain't on your dial

Outro: Grand Puba

Yeah, as we do it like this

2000, Brand Nubian comin atcha one time

New millennium style

Foundation /

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