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Black And Blue

Sadat X]

Cool-ass Al, he got a badge from the neighborhood yo

Fly police car, the ninety-two mod-el.. now check it out

Now Al used to rob, used to smoke, used to steal

and he rolled a mean game of dice

A factor boostin he was nice as he proved on the daily tip

at Macy's, he and this kid up in Lacy's

Throw his head to blow when he turned into a Fed

I seen him, one day, I tried to get inside his head

There's two fit ill, glock cops, with passion

Black shoes fit, like they was made, from ashes

Another brother, a sister or somebody's pops

And when I see Al, he never stops

unless it's to make an arrest

He can't kick it, unless he writes a ticket

He got a nasty way, attitude everyday

It makes me kinda mad cause I really can't hit him

But brothers scheamin to get him

(Shoot 'im inna de busta bumba claat)

At any level the worst devil is a black one

And if you see one you gots to attack 'um

One day, I had the cell lit, up on Lewis Park

Cool Al appears, backs up, fresh Clarks

It's a hot day black, and the sun's beamin down

but I gotta get on the ground?

You're, sworn to whitey, do you think that you're mighty?

You take the honor of bein the black Bull Carter

It's a shame cause use done out your righteous name

for a little rank and more fame

You're whole style is chump, you forgot to use the pump

so instead of warnin brothers, better hide and take the picture

You know the brothers wanna hit ya

("Gimme a gat I'm bout to smoke this motherfucker!")

So carry your gun, especially off duty

Don't forget that there's a price on the booty

Hidin upstate won't make you safe

By the way, are you of Christian faith?

Then prepare to meet your Mystery, become a place in history

Force come shot down with some brothers from Uptown

And if we're not totally through

Then you'll be left black and blue

Man these black ones is just as bad as the motherfuckin white ones

They get a BULLSHIT badge, and think that they God

But yo I ain't havin that shit, I put a hole in they fuckin ass

Then they see who's God

Comin in our midst causin this motherfuckin confusion?

I send that ass back to the essence quick fast

[Lord Jamar]

I knew a cop named Roy, a good nigga boy

To pull the trigger on another brother was a joy boy

Didn't give a FUCK if your face was black

He'll blow out your back, and say you sold crack

He'll see you in your car and don't like your look

He got beef with gold teeth so now you're a crook

Flash the lights, pull to the right

Put up a fight, well say night night, cause Roy boy might

pull out the heater, for him there's nuttin sweeter

Eight to your head, from his nine millimeter

Roy had a thing about young black males

He wanna see em dead or either locked in jail

Down with every drug bust, for him it was a lust

Kickin down doors is like dickin down whores

I remember when he was a rookie, a tough cookie

Beatin down kids for playin hookie

You see Roy is the type of ne-gro

with a alter-ego that's illegal

He like shakin down niggaz on the block

Take you face down, let you hear the sound of the hammer cock!

No need to fill out a report

Cause everybody know Roy doesn't get caught

Now he's feeling like Superman

to the trooper stand, with an Uzi in his hand

Now Roy's gotta answer

The pig's gonna get smoked like cancer, sticks

for all the tricks that Roy's ever played

Toy with the wrong nigga, boy you get, sprayed

For all the fucked up shit, that you put a brother through

Black man, learn to love you

Cause even if you're dead, me and my crew

will beat you in your head, and leave your ass full of lead

Black and blue

Black And Blue /

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