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Spend Some Time

I had a picture of you in my head

It kept me warm when you were not there

You made me laugh made me feel like

A child to see your smile made everything worthwhile

I feel a glow when you are near

All of my doubt just disappear

But baby nothing stays the same

It's such a shame

Spend some time trying to figure out

What to do with this love what to do with this love

Now it seems like the best thing baby

Is just give it up

Let's just give it up

So now you play trick with my mind

I am gonna leave your loving all behind

You were my joy

You were my pain

Something is lost when something is gained

Don't worry baby I'll be fine

I'll grow tired of you wasting my time

Don't bother pleading

or trying to stop me

It's too late now I've just

Got to be free

Baby just give it up

I've just had enough

Give it up

Give it up

I've just had enough

Spend Some Time /

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