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Midnight At The Oasis

Midnight at the oasis

Sing your camel to bed

Shadows painting our faces

Traces romance in our heads

Heaven holding a half moon

Shining just for us

Let's slip off to a sand dune real soon

Kick up a little dust

Come on cactus is our friend

He'll show us the way

Come on 'till the evening ends

'till the evening ends

You don't have to answer

There's no need to speak

I'll be your belly dancer

Prancer and you can be my sheik

I know your daddy's a sultan

A nomad known to all

With fifty girls to attend him

They all send him

Jump at his beck and call

But you won't need no harem


When I am by your side

And you won't need no camel

No no when I take you for a ride

Midnight. At the oasis

Midnight At The Oasis /

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