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Back To Love

It seems to me that we don't always get along

If we are trying now don't seem to try too long

Watching your neighbour seems to fill you with alarm

Just 'coz he's different now

Don't mean he means you no harm

City living has got us all pent up inside

When we have problems it seems we all just run and hide

Time to discover why we are feeling this way

Let's let love have its say

I know you need it

Brother said he needs it

Sister said she needs it

We're all gonna need it someday

We seem to lose our way

Somehow got lead astray

That's why I'm here to stay

Gotta get back get back to love

Trouble started when we don't communicate

We'll build our future now or we will seal our fate

Wasted energy on promises we break

We've wasted chances now but still it ain't too late

There is a common goal we must realize

It's time to make a change in how we live our lives

Let's let love save the day

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