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Moloch passed the message to the Behemoth

Whose master passed it on to Zebedee

It was sent by Internet, by obscure protocols

To its recipient, the delicious Miss Gee

[Miss Gee]

It was early afternoon when your message came

I was slumped under the table, slightly cold

I didn't have a single stitch of clothing on

I was trembling but my trembling was controlled

I really can't recall who I was meant to be that day

I'm an actress, I play so many roles

But the script required Miss Gee

That's who I was meant to be

And I was just about to pick out her clothes


When a crumpled paper ball

Hit the floor beside you

It made no sense at all

It said:


Bandy biwa krishnamurti

Pilgrim snorkel meat

Ipsum lorem dolor sit amet

Unix at the portal

Body type by Letraset

Here at the Epoch let us forget


Grip my head and feel my pain

Imagine I'm the king of Spain

Imagine I'm a weapon in your sheath

East is East and West is West

New York City to Dunsinane

[Miss Gee]

Polly Peachum creaming her McHeath


In the sturgeon caviar

In the virgin Mr McPherson

In the rain the cloud

And in the cloud the rain

Green tea ice cream, wind dried duck

Did you ever meet a person hot to


Forget it! Shower in my shower

I'll soap you back and front

Take me by the hand and lead it to your

[Miss Gee]

Country cousins, kissing by the bridge

A babbling brook and a choc-a-bloc fridge

My favourite restaurant is Yo Below

So when we go, slip under the table and begin to


Blow me down, gyoza, my favourite snack

Dip it in the soy sauce, slip it up your

[Miss Gee]

Crack goes the whip boys, crack kiss crack

Miss Gee has a whip and she'll stick it in your


Ask no questions, I'll tell you no lies

It isn't exclusively all about size

But did you ever see a rock star doing up his

[Miss Gee]

Flies are a nuisance, bees are worse

If you owe a girl money, put it in her


Purse my lips, touch me there with a feather

Better take an umbrella, what terrible weather

[Miss Gee]

Or we might get wet

And we wouldn't want that

Would we


By many names I've been known

Gil Martin, also Don Van Vliet

Giovanni, Mantovani, Barry Manilow

I could go on

[Miss Gee]

Please do


Super lovers Jesus Christ

Coming once and coming twice

In a paper cup

In my hammock samovar

I'm a caballero erojiji

Gaugin eating out Tahiti

Near as damn it, no cigar

Very kimochi

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