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Riviera Hustle

Brando Flux:

Down and out in San Marino on a roulette binge

Im trying not to cringe watch em tow the Bentley off

6 AM cold, yawn and gently cough

Never been a toff, self-made

Double 0 style gambling habit got played

I watch the sun rise, park bench thoughts

From San Moritz via Cannes, left my yacht in the port

Got a ticket, harbour master strangulation left him in the shed

Shit! I fled, 39 steps, I hope hes not dead


From cream tea at 3 oclock with the Duke of York

To my photo-fit picture on the news report

Whod have thought ? I caught glares true to form

On a nudist resort selling shares in porn

Brando Flux:

And I was stepping out casinos like The worlds now mine!

And now Im sitting in the sun with my cardboard sign

And weak pleas, and all day looking at knees

And me and Jehst rifle restaurant bins for free cheese


Sipping on vino, flicking through a copy of the Beano

Me and my amigo Joe in the casino

With only 5 bucks in my snow white tux

Most times I rock a t-shirt that says Life sucks!

Brando Flux:

We went from hotel to motel to sleeping on the beach

drinking cheap wine laughing at you slurring your speech


Pop the cork fill a glass, Anthill Mob with the illest cars

Still doing bank jobs in a gorilla mask

So I can buy my other half a chinchilla scarf

Chilling with my honey-dip in a vanilla bath

How you like me now ?

Im off to hustle in the sun if Im down and out

Play the gent, tell lies cos Im Brando Flux

Till the heat dies down well be down on our luck

How you like me now ?

Im off to hustle in the sun if Im down and out

Quick change, switch names, now Im Brando Flux

Low Lifes sport a tux when were down on our luck

Brando Flux:

The jewel thieves know me at the Intercontinental

Knowing that Im just down on my luck and not mental

Its a funny scene: me and the gang with Peter Sellers

eating breakfast at the beach with a Swiss bank teller


Its that fella sucking ash out of last nights lagers

In my flip-flops and pyjamas

Stranded somewhere off the coast of the Bahamas

The bandit with banana clips and balaclavas

Brando Flux:

Riviera Joey Brains steps credit card flex

Bad scam, high society discovered who I am

They got suspicious when I passed on the ham

At the buffet in Cannes, with Prince Albert of Monaco at the soire



I wanna parlay man, yeah you know those cats

that rock black suits and bowler hats

Playing Jack Jones tracks in our stolen Jags

Holding stacks of ice like the polar caps

A new night another heist better guard your stash

Run upon Guy Ritchie for his cards and cash

Thats the snatch! Paparazzi cant relax

Al Fayed wont rest till my yards been trashed

Ive been drinking all day but Im hardly smashed

On safari, asking where the partys at

Brando Flux:

Im coming with a box of stones

The Pink Panther does the picking and he spots the clones

Im like amazed, give him props and accept the cash

Im off to hustle through the Alps on a ski resort dash

Watch the name splash: Howard Marks, deposit box, same bank

Say thanks security the safe cracks open, last bash

Now Im stood looking at my last cash

And Im considering the options I could load some hash

In Morocco at the stash by the customs check

I thought Yasser paid em off but Im a nervous wreck

I take a valium or two and we relax, sail back

Juggle tourism and rap and make money in the gaps.....

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