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For The Love Of Money

Money makes the world go 'round

I'm sure you know the rules

people say you know the way

to change lead into gold

greed will take you higher than the sky

What you need to feed your greed

is more than credit cards

lookin' back in history

it seems there's nothing new

always wanted more to trap your soul

Everybody knows you're just a busy man

everything you got is not enough for you

never enough

For the love of money

your greed is all in vain

For the love of money

it's driving you insane

The more you get, the less you give

you keep it for yourself

hurry up you got no time

you gotta earn some more

everyday your money seems to grow

And still you're driven by success

you like to have it all

get the thing you always want

no matter what it takes

you would sacrifice your flesh and blood


For The Love Of Money / Brainstorm

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