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I'm lookin' back

throughout all time and history

when people raised the flags

to get rid of all tyranny

how many times

how long will they control the fate

everywhere the people fight

oppression all the time

Revolution is what they need

Revolution is the answer they give

they're fighting back for what is right

to get the rights back


to be free again


now it's time again

Always the same

and nothin' ever changed for me

I always try to break the chains

that hold my freedom down

I'm underground

some blame me for the way I look

I've got enough to prove

that I'm as good as other ones

Revolution is what you need

Revolution is the answer I'll give

I'm fighting back for what is right

to get my rights back

We carry on

it's rebellion that they want

we don't take the blame for the misery

that they create


Rebellion / Brainstorm

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