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Билли Брэгг Билли Брэгганглийский рок-певец


Dig in boys for an extended stay

Those were the final orders to come down that day

Waiting to be saved in the Philippines

You'll wait forever for the young Marines

Now I believe to be here is right

But I have to say that I'm scared tonight

Crouching in this hole with a mouth full of sand

What comes first, the country or the man

Look at those slanted eyes coming up over the hill

Catching us by surprise, it's time to kill or to be killed


Over here, over there, it's the same everywhere

A boy cries out for his mama before he dies for his home

All my life I wanted to be

As clever and strong as my best friend Lee

We grew up together along half Moon Bay

Lee was Japanese, born in the USA

When was fighting jerry along the River Seine

Me an Lee we wanted to do the same

The they bombed Pearl Harbor at the break of day

I was headed for these islands when Lee was hauled away

They said look at his slanted eyes, he's guilty as guilty can be

Sent here as enemy spies to sabotage the Land of the Free


I never got home, my platoon was never saved

That little fox hole became my island grave

Lee got out of jail but a prisoner he remained

Till he ended his own life to lose that ball and chain

And they said, Oh little Slanted Eyes can't you forgive and forget

And said, Oh Mr Friendly Ghost

Can you catch water in a net ?


Билли Брэгг

Everywhere / Билли Брэгг

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