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Билли Брэгг Билли Брэгганглийский рок-певец

Everybody Likes You Babe

Everybody likes you babe but me

I guess that proves how stupid I can be

Your father thinks it's swell, your mum hears wedding bells,

Our friends all say we make a lovely couple we get on so well

People say that we're a perfect match

They don't realise that there's a catch

They don't have to live with you, forgive you for the things you do

There's just no ignoring, you're pretty but you're boring

Everybody likes you babe, but me

They just don't know how iffy you can be

I'd hate for you to go, before I let you know

That everybody loves you babe, but me

I'm begging you to stay out of my way

Cos everybody likes you babe, but me

Everybody likes you babe, but me

Билли Брэгг

Everybody Likes You Babe / Билли Брэгг

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