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Билли Брэгг Билли Брэгганглийский рок-певец

Body Of Water


I will cross this body of water

If you promise you won't try this at home

You're where you want to be

Where am I, I'm up a tree

I had a hurt attack

Rolled aaway, now I'm bouncing back

Forgive me for feeling sick

I think I just got up too quick

Is this the consequence

Of an out of bed experience

Where I'm from the sun don't shine

We keeps the light on all the time

I walk upon the ground you dream about

You finding out about it now

But you are clever never to be found

Summer could take a hint

Seeing you in a floral print

Oh, to become a pearl

In the wordy world of the Cornflake Girl

Билли Брэгг

Body Of Water / Билли Брэгг

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