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She Said Yes

She moved into my old apartment

thats how we got this whole thing started

she called and said that i had mail waiting there for me,

I told her that Id come and get it

how could i know in just a minute

that id be standing face to face with my own destiny

ohh and we sat there talkin just like we were old friends

and ohh i asked her can i see u again


she said yes

and i said wow

and she said when

and i said how about right now

love cant wait

then i asked if she believed in fate

she said yes

the days flew by just like a fast train

and nothing else has been on my brain

except the thought of how she makes me

the man i wanna be

and she's the one i want for a million reasons

loving her its just like breathing

its easy and it obvious

she was made for me

ohh the it happend one night looking in her eyes

ohh and i popped the question

and much to my suprise..


so we called the precher, family, and friends

and nothing been the same since


she said yes

Бред Пейсли

She Said Yes / Бред Пейсли

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